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Posted by: Laugh|nGMan Oct 25 2005, 10:17

GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka
[1999 - Japāna]


Režisors: Masayuki Suzuki
Žanrs: Drāma / Komēdija

Anotācija: A sequel to the wildly popular Great Teacher Onizuka TV drama, GTO stars charismatic heartthrob Takashi Sorimachi in his signature role as righteous former gang member and "great teacher" Eikichi Onizuka! A high school on the rural island of Hokkaido is having problems. The economy is depressed, and so are the kids, some of whom are considering suicide as a solution. School ice queen Ayano Katsuragi (Rena Tanaka) still stings from the betrayal of her best friend, and mousy Raku (Hideyuki Kasahara) is too busy being bullied to profess his love for the emotionally damaged Ayano. Enter their savior: Great Teacher Onizuka AKA: GTO, who rides into town on his motorbike and proceeds to get everyone in town to stop being self-involved and actually look into the hearts of the people around them. His methods: assault, bribery, kidnapping, extortion, chicanery, and just plain dumb luck. But it’s all good; if anyone can perform illicit activities and bring out the best in humanity, "GTO" can!

Co-starring gorgeous model Norika Fujiwara, GTO began life as a television serial based on a popular Japanese manga from acclaimed creator Toru Fujisawa. The appeal of GTO lies firmly in Fujisawa's crowning creation: Eikichi Onizuka, a tough street kid whose brash, honest, and utterly righteous ways make him a hip youth icon for our troubled times. Takashi Sorimachi brings his charismatic cool and magnetic charm to the character, whose larger-than-life personality is perfect for the big screen. GTO continues the saga of Great Teacher Onizuka in entertaining and crowd-pleasing style!

╔─ Title ────────═╦═── GTO: The Movie (1999) ║ ║ ╠─ ReL DaTE ─────═╬═── 2005/09/21 ╠─ DVD DaTE ─────═╬═── 2005/07/26 ╠─ RiPPer ───────═╬═── OHLI ╠─ Run TiME ─────═╬═── 108Min ╠─ Genre ────────═╬═── Drama / Comedy (more) ╠ ║ ╠─ ViDEO Bitrate─═╬═── 1,460kbps ╠─ ViDEO Codec ──═╬═── DivX MPEG-4 V5.x(divx/DX50) ╠─ AUDiO Bitrate─═╬═── AC3 5CH (384Kbps) ╠─ Frame Rate ───═╬═── 23,976fbs ╠─ Resolution ───═╬═── 800 x 432 ( 1.85 : 1 ) ╠─ SUB TiTLe ────═╬═── KOR (Smi) ╠─ LAnGuaGe ─────═╩═── JPN

GTO.The.Movie.1999.DVDRip.AC3.5CH.CD1-OHLI.avi (700mb)
GTO.The.Movie.1999.DVDRip.AC3.5CH.CD2-OHLI.avi (700mb)


Posted by: edg Oct 25 2005, 11:22

Japaanisks humors.
Japaanisks teelojums.

Posted by: kaarleens Oct 26 2005, 22:03
atgaadinaashu vēlreiz kā pareizi jāskatās:
12 live action episodes
1 special
1 mowie
Noskatoties 1 pashu filmu daudz kas ir neskaidrs taakaa iesaku skatiities seciibaa.
Neskatoties uz daudziem skeptikjiem man ljoti patiik kaa anime taa arii aktieru seriaals un filma, zheel ka nav sanaacis mangu izlasiit.

Posted by: misty_moonlight Dec 9 2005, 19:52

Shitaa bij smiekliiga... smile.gif
Taada jauka vakara izklaide.

Posted by: kaarleens Dec 3 2012, 18:19

Iznaacis riimeiks, saturs tas pats zinaamais vecais.
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man kaa lielam GTO fanam jaieveerte biggrin.gif
torrentinju var dabuut

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