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Just on the border of your waking mind
There lies another time
Where darkness and light are one,
And as you thread the halls of sanity,
You feel so glad to be unable to go beyond.
I have a message from another time...

The Daicon III (1981) and IV (1983) Opening Animations were fan-produced animated shorts, debuting at the 20th and 22nd Japan Science Fiction Conventions, respectively. The amateur animators who made the Daicon anime went on to form Gainax, the studio behind Evangelion, FLCL, and other famous titles. Both shorts are frenetically animated and parody well-known anime and science fiction icons who fight and fall victim to the little schoolgirl in the Daicon III anime who grows up to fight once again as the famous Daicon Bunny Girl in the Daicon IV anime. Many consider the Daicon III and IV Opening Animations to be crucial moments in the history of otaku culture. Irreverent celebrations of science fiction, jam-packed with references, and propelled by a do-it-yourself attitude, the Daicon anime represent the hopes and dreams of the first otaku generation, born in the 1960's, and they continue to delight whole new generations of otaku.

Enjoy !
woah, electric lights orchestra Twilight songs 4.tajaa, kas OP denshaj ;>

Densha Otoko saiko! Densha Otoko bansai! ;>

vai ir kautkur redzeeti arii citi Daicon novelkami?
Nav jau nekā vairāk, tikai šie divi nelielie video. Te un te kaut kas mazliet vēl ir, bet nekas īpašs.

Papildus info:
* Daicon III and IV Opening Animations
* Otaku no Dreaming: The Daicon III and IV Videos
* Daicon IV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BTW FLCL ep05, anyone ?
Lūk vēl ir pieejams Daicon Making 1min 30sec garš klipiņš.
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